Membership Information and Documents

Research Objectives and Methodologies

  • Define the petroleum systems and the genetically related petroleum accumulations surrounding mudrock, tight oil and halo oil fields
    • Stratigraphy and reservoir characterization studies – Conventional and Unconventional / Surface and Subsurface Studies:
      • Outcrop & Field Studies
      • 3D Seismic
      • Core & Log Analysis
      • Porosity & Permeability Studies – State of the art technologies
      • High resolution quantitative mineralogical analysis
    • Regional & sub-regional structural analysis to define & characterize fracture systems
    • Characterization & modeling of geologic, geochemical, geophysical, geomechanical, kinetic and petrophysical parameters
    • Multi-Disciplinary Approach
  • Participating Companies help define research objectives


  • Industry-driven research through company representation on Advisory Board
  • Digital access to all theses, reports, posters and presentations
  • 1-2 meetings per year
  • Core Workshops and Field Trips (as time and resources allow)
  • Private – ‘Members Only’ Website


  • $35,000 Annual Membership (Cash/In-Kind Options)
  • $15,000: One Time Equity Fee (If joining after 2016)
  • No Long Term Contracts – Year to Year Contracts